Monday, May 19, 2008

A quick one two

Hey everyone!
I dont have any pictures for this post but I will eventually get me some taken and put them up here. I have finished the body of my cardi and its looking GREAT Ive started the arms today. Im going to knit both at the same time. I just find lately everythings going quicker that way. I did the body all in one peice up to the arms and then obviously split and again did them at the same time so I know for a fact everything is the same length. I can not wait to finish this cardi so thatt I can wear it. :)
Also Ive cut out a dress and have it all sewn together and now Im just putting the finishing touches on it. Ive not touched it today but will be finishing it at some time this week so hopefully Ill have pictures to post of that here soon as well.
thats all the updating of the crafty bits Ive done lately.

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