Monday, August 27, 2007

I is getting there!

Yes I know that is not proper english but tough! :)

I am a little over 50% done with my MS3!!! :) WOO HOO I have decided NOT to add the wing as most people have instead I will be knitting another section of clues 1-4 and then grafting (I hate grafting!) them together. That way I will have areally nice long wrap! :)
I know you want to see the picture so far so here they are! :)

Badly pinned down but you get the idea! :)

Shes pretty aint she?

Thats clue four Aint she just grand and would you like to dance? :)

Artsy fartsy smartsy...

Right I am off to knit more of me other half.. I CANT wait to have this finishe and properly blocked to be able to wear.. I LOVE it already!!!!!

(oh yeah and I have stuff coming from wolly workshop some stage this week so that I can start my xmas knitting of melon scarfs!.... and of course I HAD to get the newest Interweave knits, isnt that tilted duster on the front cover just gorgeous?!?.... )


Amy said...

Is that Midwest grammar coming out? ;-) I think that your MS3 is coming along wonderfully. And I do love that duster.

BTW, I can't write redneck right now (stupid schooling :-) )

andi said...

It's gorgeous! I'm anticipating the finish!

Anonymous said...

the stole looks great - can't wait to see it finished!

Mary Lynn said...

Your stole is lovely. I have yet to pin mine out (only finishing clue 3). I'm so afraid that when I do, I'll seem some glaring error.