Monday, August 13, 2007

Long Update

I have been knitting. I swear it! Just my progress has been slow becuase MS3 isnt a portable (well for me anyways!) project. It requires that I carry around the charts and pay CLOSE attention and well I just cant be doing with all of that becuase one mistake is a HUGE heartache for me and just sitting on the couch Ive made 2! YIKES!!! I put "lifelines" in every 10 rows on the rs rows just to make things slightly easier if I make a mistake and both mistakes I made those came in handy!! Even if they were right on the ninth row and I had to go back all 8 previous rows! This Malabrigio Merino Laceweight yarn that I am using is also a pain in the backside to rip back which is why I am putting them in at all!! and lets not forget this is my first proper all over really lacey I cant wait to finish it project that I am doing! :)
Oh whats that how far have I actually gotten? Well only to the end of clue 3. :) I am really slow on this for some reason... Sorry.... But heres some pics to make you happy, or well they make me happy just goes to show its really going to be PRETTY!! (to me!)
There is a closeupish of finished clue two and three I meant to take pictures after I finished clue two last week some time but just kept knitting into clue three and thought oh bugger it Ill just wait till both are finished THEN take a picture... :) So that is what Ive done... :) I really like the way the purples move to greys then to blacks and back again its really going to look great drapped across my back... and I will be lengthening this stole as well. Only because I prefer longer things to make sure it wraps properly around my shoulders and lets not forget I also have LOADS of yarn still left over. After clue three and with having to throw (dont kill me people) some of it away becuase it was in such a knotted mess from trying to rip it out I still have some of the first skein left and plus the other two that I ordered along with it. So Ive got plenty to be able to lengthen. :)
Heres a picture of all three clues together. Ive only pinned it out quickly on the bed. I will do a proper block once all is finished. :) But you still get the picture of the way it will be looking. I am VERY proud of myself for not giving up on this after something like 2 or 3 false starts of having to rip and then abandon each of those goes and then after the two bad mistakes of needing to rip back to my lifelines. Plus I have had a couple tiny mistakes when I just had to go back to the beginning of the row and restart that row. But I want to finish this stole that I am willing to suffer! HAHAHA

Now what else have I been up to your wondering other then knitting I am sure. Well last month (yep its been a month and I am only NOW showing you!) I got new glasses. I got 2 pairs from specsavers as they are running a promotion of 2 for 1. My first pair are similar in look to the last pair that Ihad that no one noticed I got new glasses not even Mark! haha and heres my other pair....
I swear they are purple! but after the flash and resizing they look slightly brownish they arent...
Can you tell I also got my hair cut?? well I did! :D But these out of the two are my favorite glasses I got! WOO HOO!!!.... I did get them with transition lenses at first then I got them brought them home and took them back the same day. They never go completely clear. I wasnt told that! And I dont want to be in a store or sitting on the couch watching telly with slightly tinted glasses it drove me nuts for the 3 hours I had them on. The guy offered I keep them for a week to see if I could get used to them. And bless his sweet soul I ended up laughing in his face. I didnt mean to... But I am the sort of once I dont like it and its not what I thought it was going to be I DONT WANT IT! so they had to go back I had to wait a week they put in clear lenses and now I am a happy bunny who is sporting a new hair cut and a wicked pair of purple geeky glasses... what more can you ask for?? HAHAHAHA

Mark sister came over from Australia this month as well, shes gone back now though.. The first day we went over to see her after saying hello her first question to me was "Jenn could you please make me a sweet potato pie before I go?" OF COURSE I SAID YES!!! When I told my mom I made one she laughed and pointed out my flaw. I didnt make one because she asked, I made one becuase I knew what was in it for me... SWEET POTATOES!!! YUM!!!!!
First step boil with skins on until tender and pokeable with a fork.
Let cool and peel skins off. Cut in 4 bits.
Lay in pan with little tabs of butter over each tater. Pour loads of honey on them and cover in brown sugar cinnamon and a bit of nutmeg. Add a bit more honey and brown sugar for good luck. AHAH...
Bake in oven I think I did mine for about 45 minutes and the oven was around 190C
You can eat some of them now if you want to (I ate two little slices (half a sweet tater) ) Stick in the fridge over night. I left mine two nights because I knew we werent going over until the Wednesday. the longer they are left they better I think it ends up tasting I wouldnt leave them a week though!
But some pie crusts or make them if you want to! (I forgot to take pictures of these parts)
Take your sweet taters and throw them into a bowl and mash them with their gooey sugar mess until all smashed up together. Add a can of condensed milk some more brown sugar(not alot) and some cinnamon and nutmeg. Add a couple handfuls of flour an egg if you want (I forgot to for these) and mix. You want to add your flour until it thickens up the mixture a bit.
Pour them into your pie crusts bake in the over at about 190 until golden brown. again I think mine was around an hour. Let cool take to Marks sister smile when she gets excited and know that you only made it so you could eat sweet taters yourself! HAHAA
That is the finished pie. They are SO YUMMIE!! I ended up eating another half a tater while I was making the pie so it was one tater per pie and I made 2. One for her, and one for me. Hey you have to have SOME perks to baking for others dont you?!?! and anyways she ended up leaving the next day because she got her flights confused... OOPS! Hopefully she was able to eat some of the pie (like most of it) before she had to go.....
Can you ship food to australia?!?!?!?


shortoldlady said...

Your stole looks lovely! Don't worry about being a slow-bee - I'm only at row 174! I count after each pattern row and lifelines in every 10! I only knit a few - if I'm tired or just don't feel like knitting that's when I make mistakes! BTW - I LOVE your purple glasses! Purple is my favorite color!!

Keep those pictures coming!

andi said...

Love the stole. You're doing great! I think I like your spectacles better than mine. You can see the purple color. They look great. I picked out new ones too, they are from CHAPS and have a silver frame. My are transition lenses and they work for me. Strange how yours didn't?! That pie looks fabulous.

Nikki said...

Hey there Jenn! I came in here for a nosey & I just had to tell you that I think your new glass are HOT! They really do look fab and you too look foxy in your photo. :)
Can I please have some sweet tater pie too? OMG, that sounds so yummy. I was almost dribbling just reading how you made It's a pitty you can't send food to Australia or else I'd be putting my hand up.

Hope you're doing well girlfriend.

PS. Have I ever mentioned.....I ALWAYS think of you whenever I pass the craft/wool section at the shops? LOL....yes, that is true.

Anonymous said...

I would love it if you could ship some to Australia - I would LOVE some!! I have never had it before in my life but it sounds yummmmmmmmmy!! May have to give one a try with your recipe!!