Friday, August 17, 2007

I GOT IT!!!!

I picked up my Victorian Lace Today book.. OH YEAH BABY!! I did that on Wednesday. Well she did say when I ordered it from WHSmith it would be in then but I told her oh Ill just come by next Thursday for it I need to pass by here anyways. Well umm, HA that didnt work! :) I ended up going into town on Wednesday and getting it. Okay so it makes it sound like I went way out of my way. I didnt. We live close to town so I just went there first then to out the other side and to the store... I still had to go on Thursday because I had to return some DVDs to Blockbuster.
What do I think of the book? Well I LOVE IT!! but then I sort of knew I would. I have wanted the book since it came out some time last year but behaved myself.. okay truth be told the thought of paying 22£ for a book wasnt exactly making me jump for joy. But a year on and I still wanted the book so I thought naw youve been good go ahead and buy it.. So I did! :) Every time I saw yet another person knit a design from the book made me fall in love with them so I NEEDED the book and am very HAPPY with getting it. :)
I already have a couple of things that I want to do. Like the Melon Pattern. Okay so its been done loads already but tough! I want one for myself. :) theres more thats just probably going to be the first one I make from it. The pictures in the book are all set out beautifully! And it just makes me want to travel around England ALOT more then I do (which is barely at all).
Im still knitting on MS3 and loving every second of it. I havent made progress on the Monkey sock I casted on a couple weeks ago becuase Ive not been out on a bus recently. I said all week I was going to be its rained so instead Ive been lazy and just ran to the grocery store down the road instead of the other side of town. I also have some yarn out the back that I want to turn into a cardi. But I havent decided yet what I want to do with that one.. Ill soon decide! :)
Right knitting wont get done if I dont move those sticks!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi there secret pal!
just checking you got the ecard i sent you and are ready to be spoilt!
The lace that you've knitted is fab and hopefully i'll get loads of ideas to treat you with.
speak soon x

Amy said...

You are soo lucky! If I didn't have to pay the school back for over the summer, I'd so get that. Also, your MS3 is looking gorgeous!

andi said...

That book is awesome!! I'm not up to that level yet... but oh what inspires me so. ;)