Monday, September 03, 2007

Christmas knitting in September!

I got PART of my order on Friday and in it was my Zypher laceweight yarn in Suede. Soon as I had it I HAD to cast it on my needles!! :) Okay its actually gift knitting (of which I stopped doing but decided to do for this xmas!) so I figure Ive got alot coming up that I would LIKE to do (if it all gets done is another matter). But heres some pictures!!
And another one because I feel like it. :)
Of course its the melon pattern from Victorian Lace Today... I love the stuff in the book!! Even Mark likes the pattern so far. :) Ive knitted on this all weekend. I knit slow I know... but I have gotten somewhere at least! Ive done nothing on it yet today I swear I do to much rubbish that amounts to nothing instead of sitting down and getting somewhere on my knitting!!! At least we got clean clothes for tomorrow I suppose that accounts for SOMETHING?? :)
Okay off to do dishes then I will sit down and knit... promise!


Amy said...

That looks great.

Mary-Lou said...

that's really pretty - must get round to getting a copy of that book!

ZhiWen said...

It's beautiful! I think I saw Grumperina knit this.. beautiful pattern (and a must-have book.. sigh). You've got hooked on shawls and stoles too! They're so much fun! I wonder what it's like to knit with the Zephyr. Did you have to purchase a big cone of it though?

andi said...

Gorgeous! Love the color too :) (wildfoot is simple to work with the color has wore off just a little bit on the needles but it's rather soft and very pretty in person.)