Monday, October 02, 2006

Sweaters Hats and Things

Thought I would post a quickie. :)
My sweater is coming along most wonderfully!! :) I got to the first decrease for the second sleeve, not exactly half way down, but I will be by the end of the day, actually I hope to be further along then half. I should have been further along then I am but I got to talking to my dad and sister on the phone last night and sort of forgot to knit, I know how dare I do that! But when you talk to my sister its easily done. I also talked to my neice who started kindergarden this year and is learning to read and really likes her teacher and I talked to my nephew who got mad at his mommy because he was telling me about the toys he was going to go get to play with and she told him they were magnets. As hes still finding his voice but talks VERY well I kind of find it slightly hard to understand EVERYTHING he says so I thought he was yelling at me! HAAHHA I was corrected when my sister got back on the phone. :)
This weekend Mark said he would allow me to knit him a hat!!! WOOO HOOO now I just have to figure out how to make one properly, as I never have, but I dont see it being hard. Im going to make myself one first work out any kinks make him wear mine and make sure he will be alright and actually wear it before I go and knit him one. IF he doesnt complain then hes getting on knit for him, if he complains, hes getting a store bought one! Im not going to force it my hk hat on him, but I will try and tell him how lovely it is. hehehe...
Well thats it for the moment, off to take a picture of my sleeve before I finish it and FORGET! :) And then going to knit some more. Im not sure when Ill get the pictures up, but I will be speaking to my sweetheart about allowing me to install my rubbish on his computer so that I can edit me photos to a decent size. :)


ZhiWen said...

A hat? Wow!!! I would love to see what you are going to make him! Lucas has refused point back to let me knit him a sweater or hat :(

Annarella said...

I made two hats for Ferdie from a SnB pattern (can't remember which of the two books though), called Cabled hat.

The pattern's really easy and the hats are "manly" enough for him to want to wear them (pics on my site if you haven't seen it yet).

Good luck! xx