Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Knitting, eating, and drinking

Well I thought I would be posting today to say that I finished the sleeve, but I am not!
Monday some stuff went on that was rather upsetting and worrying that I got not a single stitch knitted. Thankfully everything is going to be alright and that makes me happy!
Yesterday normalish knitting service resumed. There were still things that needed to be done but I did knit and got a nice chunk done I suppose the sleeve will be finished no later then Friday night and I can sort out the socks I want to make as well as figure out how I would love my hat to look. Anna you gave a good idea of cables Im just not entirely sure Mark would go for that. Hes ever so picky but the guy is at least getting it in black as that will hopefully stay the cleanest when hes working.
On Monday before everything went pear shapped I went into town and I was rather excited because I found me some Kraft Mac&Cheese, okay so its the slightly rubbish one that you add milk and water to instead of the gloopy cheese ready to poor in, BUT its still yummy and its still sitting in my cupboard! :) I also found Cream of Wheat YUMMIE!!! I had some yesterday for breakfast and Ill be eating me some more as well! :) Also found some KoolAid, I only found the premixed with sugar one instead of the little packets thats alright I know where the packets are hopefully they dont charge an arm and a leg for them like the freaking mixed one was! Yes I drink the stuff and I know your able to dye yarn with it, you can also dye hair with it (just add some water and dip your hair in and it washes out) but I still drink it because its yummie! Anywyas, I was happy to find these things as the Ive not had them in the last 3.5 years, well minus the mac and cheese someone sent that over to me! :)
I also picked up some magazines, the newest Knit1 (that one from vouge) the TV issue, theres an alright looking hat and matching scarf, cabled of course in there that looks alright... Maybe if done in black I can pass it off to Mark (the hat) and he will wear it hmmm....... I also picked up the current Knit Today, Im still not entirely sure of it, though there were some decent intarsia/fairisle graphs in there that I am thinking of using to turn into wrist warmers in my ever growing Id like to knit pile. :) Also picked up Womans Weekly Knitting and Stitching Special, VERY happy with that, more I suppose for all the Alan Dart toy patterns, not that I play with toys, but the bears are ever so cute and the mice are ADORABLE! :) Theres also some nice cardigans in it as well. :)
Okay off to go make me some breakfast then knit on my sleeve.
(ps for easy reach I added the sp question link to the side, or look down for the post)

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