Monday, January 07, 2008

Staying Warm

Hope everyones settling into the new year alright. :) So far so good for me. We've (Mark and I) made alot of fresh bread with my trusty bread maker. Okay so I wouldnt have thought about that as a gift for me, but turns out I love the stupid thing! HAHAH
So I finished my cinnamony goodness sweater want to see it? Good here it is!!!!!
and a close up of the neck
Btw that isnt a stain on my arm its water from doing the dishes.. I splash around alot. im just not sure how I managed my elbow! oh well!...
I really do like this sweater my only complaint is I would have made it longer! I added an inch to the body but I just think it needs to be a couple more inches longer. I do like longer sweaters and shirts. I made I think 2 sizes below my chest measurment because I like fitted things as well. I left the buttons off after buying them. But I just really liked the look without them! ill probably knit this again another time in different yarn. I used Sirdar click which is an Acrylic with a bit of Wool in it. I liked it.. mind you I still prefer merino but I bought this wool back in the summer for a different sweater that I never knit and then decided it better for this one.

On Wednesday when I went to meet up with Martina for lunch Lizzie was down from Uni so she came along which was lovely! I like meeting new people! But I got a suprise when Mary turned up as well!! WOOO HOO!! I got to meet my SP11 that I spoiled. That was well cool! But she brought some wool down that she had floating about her house and wasnt going to use so I took it off of her.. THANK YOU AGAIN! And I am in the process of making a baby blanket for Marks neice who is heavily pregnant and due I think in 5-6 weeks. She doesnt know what shes having but Im using the wool for her baby anyways. Its a blue-green colour... Im crocheting this blanket and I picked out a stitch from my stitch dictionary and flying along.. Im going to just crochet until I think its long enough and then add a border but I want it to be gappy so that I can weave some ribbon into it as well. :) I think that will look pretty.

This picture was taken just after midnight on New Years Eve, well New Years day actually! HAHA
I love him... :) Mind you he nearly battered me after that picture because I wouldnt leave him alone! Okay I did take ALOT of pictures before that so he was starting to get annoyed but he was laughing there from what I told him before that about squishing bits of myself....


Anonymous said...

It all looks great!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous knitwear you've knitted there. Great colors. Darn it. I'm chomping at the bit to tell you what happens to the redhead... Addison. Keep watching.

Anonymous said...

the sweater is lovely, well done you!

Anonymous said...

Wow - that is a cute sweater!! I am with you about the length - I like longer sweaters which is hard with my height!! Happy new year to you and keep up your fab work!