Friday, January 11, 2008

Baby Gritghan

I finished my baby blanket. The only thing left to do is wait for the mum to have the baby so I know what colour ribbon to add into the edge! :)

I have used a stitch pattern from my stitch dictionary and just went along how I seen fit. :)

Heres some pictures and below those are the pattern for how I did it.
The full blanket and now some close ups.
The corner and where the ribbons will go around.
All folded and pretty! :)

(My first pattern as well!)

Baby Gritghan

By Jennifer

With help from The Ultimate Sourcebook of Knitting and Crochet Stitches (The Harmony Guides)


Size 4.5mm crochet hook

3 50gram balls of Patons Clansman Superwas Wool

*Its a double knit wool but doesnt give the yardage on the ball band and had no luck trying to find it as well.*

Ribbon to weave around edge

Grit Stitch 2

(Multiples of 2sts+3)

Row 1: Skip 2ch (count as 1sc), 1dc into next ch, *skip 1ch, work [1sc and 1dc] into next ch* repeat to last 2ch, skip 1ch, 1sc into last ch, turn.

Row 2: 1ch (counts as 1sc), 1dc into 1st stitch,*skip 1dc, work [1sc and 1dc] into next sc* repeat to last 2sts, skip 1dc, 1sc into top of turning chain, turn.

Repeat 2nd row to end.

Chain 83 stitches and work Grit Stitch 2 for 34 rows.

Do not break the yarn.

Chain 3.

Work *1tr and 1ch* 3 times into corner stitch.

Work *1tr into next sc, 1ch*

Repeat all the way around the edge of blanket.

Work 2nd row of Grit Stitch 2 around the edge without turn instead slip the end stitches together. Work 3 rounds.

To work your corners dont skip the middle dc, working your sc and dc into that as well as each sc to the side. That will give you enough room to have your corners turn properly.

Work your ends in. Wash and dry flat or if you wish slightly block it to pull the stitch apart. (thats what I did). Weave your ribbon in around the edge.

Hope the new baby enjoys their little blanket, and I hope youve enjoyed making it!


Anonymous said...

this is lovely - thae pattern is so delicate

Starfish said...

Very pretty! Simple yet elegant - who wouldn't love it?

Kessa said...

I can just imagine a ribbon in it. Its going to look so sweet! =)

Riggwelter said...

That is so pretty, wonderful stitch.

Anonymous said...

oh Wow! It's gorgeous. Love that color too.

Bonnie said...

Jenn, I am sooo loving this blankie!!
I am in awwwwe of your talent girl!!
You knitting is amazing!!!
Order up girl....order up!!! :P
Hope all is well with you n Mark!!
Don't be a stranger!1
Hugs, Bonnie

Anisha said...

My friend had a baby last month and I've been looking for something i can make for him. This is just perfect... i've just started making one. thank you for sharing the pattern!

Anonymous said...

Hi sorry but I am having trouble understanding the pattern, most likely me being silly but it say grit 2 then row 1.. Do you have to chain a foundation row fist? Could you explain the grit 2 is that row1 & 2? Many thank, confused crocheter