Thursday, September 06, 2007

Where are you?

I am still knitting on my melon scarf. :) and my MS3 stole is still sitting in the same spot it was last week.
Melon has to come first though because its a gift. I love it though becuase its such an easy knit. :) I get a couple repeats done each night while sitting here relaxing. The Jaggerspun Zypher isnt a bad yarn and its really nice to wrap around my neck (just testing out the size you know) and am glad that I picked that yarn to make all the scarfs with. :) I am sure that the ladies will all enjoy their scarfs if I get them knit in time... EEKS!
I have also picked out the cardigan I want to knit for myself... Originally it was the Tilted Duster from the current IK but now its changed to the twisted yolk or something like that from Eunny Jang, still in the current IK. Who knows when Ill get to that...
I also got the current Burda sewing mag and theres a few things out of that I really like the look of and wouldnt mind dusting off my sewing machine and make... Of course that means I have to stop being lazy and go buy myself some fabric, or maybe that should be I have to find time!! I swear Im not sure what takes up all my time in my day but come time to actually do things I find its nearly the end of the night.. OOPS!
Alright update/rant over I have to go to the grocery store and find something for dinner tonight!

**Oh yeah.... ZhiWen the Zypher came in little balls from ready to go soon as they land on the door step. :)


Amy said...

Good update Jenn!

ZhiWen said...

Thanks Jenn, I shall take a look immediately! It's great that the British yarn shops are more and more stocking up on US brands (like GetKnitted offering KnitPicks needles for us wretched Europeans without US connections..)!
The tangled yoke cardigan is indeed lovely, good choice :) First those two shawls...?

Anonymous said...

melon looks great - the colours are lovely, can't wait to see the finished item!

Amy said...

Thanks Jenn for the comment. I absolutely love working with Malabrigo - that's what my fetchings are made of.

Knitman said...

I am looking forward to seeing the end product. Looks beautiful so far.