Thursday, April 12, 2007

A rambling in the wind

Mark half joking half serious asked me the other week to make something for the chairs feet so it would stop scratching the floor... I made these!
You can see there on the edge of the photo how the chairs scratched the floor, not happy about that! but what can ya do? So I knit these little cotton leg cozies. Casted on 12 stiches did short row wraps till there were 4 in the middle, then picked em up and knit like 5 rounds rib casted off.. I couldnt have gone smaller, but should have only because it was already a pain just working with the 12 stitches... so thats why theres purple threaded thru them to tie them onto the chair. But theyve been working and the chair aint scratching! Okay I know I should have got felt tips for the chair but when its the middle of the night you do with what you got dont ya? HAAHAHAHAH :)
I have been doing "normal" knitting as well... Barely but it is getting done. I dont know lately I just seem not to fancy knitting (or reading) I know somethings seriously wrong with me, I think its the sun! and the thought of knitting a wrap when its sunny just seems all wrong. but what lovely weather we been having!! Thats me (obviously!) sitting out the back!! WOO HOO we finally have a proper back yard (even if it is all cement) to sit out on... SOOOOOOO happy all I gotta do now is get me some planters and start me a little herbie the love buggy garden out back so I can have fresh herbies all summer. :) A couple of flowers will be potted as well just to make it pretty.. :)
And just because! :) Those sunglasses are perscription sunglasses that I got 2 years ago thats maybe the 20th time Ive worn them. For some reason I dont wear them as much as you think one would.. next time I get glasses Im getting a pair of transition lenses then I know I wont forget to grab my sunglasses.... But shew weve needed em lately ITS SO NICE AND SUNNY!!! Everyone whos having horrible weather please DONT send it to us I am enjoying the sun. :)


Annarella said...

Omg, that's hilarious!! Chair legs cosies...? Really? You're nuts, you know that right? But I luv ya anyway! xx

Amy said...

Cute cozies. You stink with your nice weather - guess what you'll get in about a week (if it doesn't dissolve over the Atlantic) ;-)

andi said...

Cool idea. Who da thunk it.. but you.. brilliant! Cool spectacles. I do have the transitions now and LOVE them. I've had them for about 4 years. I'm due to get new glasses this year and definately will have the transitions again. P.s. pretty sunshine... gloomy here rain.. snow showers again.. ugh hate it.

KnitYoga said...

Chair leg cosies! LOL! Well, I have to confess, my chairs were scratching our wooden floor in the kitchen, too, but I bought some of those special stick on things that you can get from DIY places especially for the purpose. I don't think I would have the patience to knit leg cosies but, what can I say, they're unique!!! :-)