Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sock it to me update!

My Glasgow Lace sweater is coming along, well actually thats not entirely true! Its sitting in my WIP box at the moment. Not because its being naughty and not knitting up properly its because we went away camping for the weekend and I couldnt take it with me as I was afraid of either leaving it there or messing it up! So instead I took some sock yarn and started a new sock. :) I have finished the back and almost finished the front of the sweater just have about an hour (probably not even that long honestly!) left to work on it and then I can start the arms.
These are the Vog Socks from I actually finished this one last night and was going to start back on the sweater but when I tried it on was far to big! I knew there was going to be issues with it anyways while I was knitting tthe gusset and heel but I just decided not to listen to my inner knitter and contiued to go ahead and knit on it. Well I forgot to take a photo last night when I tried it on becauses I instantly ripped it out! I have decided to just do a short row heel on it and not bother with a gusset and heel flap. Once I finish this bad boy up (which shouldnt take to long! as they are only ankle socks anyways) I will be going back to finish the sweater. After the sweater Im going to knit one more scarf then this socks mate then the final scarf.
Right I must go and knit this sock if I want to hurry up and knit my sweater! :) Plan is to get the sweater one scarf and sock finished by end of September. I should be able to as long as I dont go off knitting for a bit again.

Friday, August 07, 2009

Im on a roll!

HPIM1191 Front

Image1 Back

Travelers Stocking by Nancy Bush from Knitting on the Road
2.75mm dpns
Some wool that I got onsale from hipknits and lost the band so forget what it is. SORRY! but its lovely
Time frame June 8th to August 5th
Took my time to finish these because I took a break to knit the two of four xmas scarfs.
I slightly changed the pattern by cutting 10 stitches out and then not knitting the longer leg I dont do long socks thats why. Im very happy with these. :)

I didnt want to start another scarf I felt like being selfish again so I cast on Glasgow Lace by Sharon Shoji from Interweave Knits Fall 2006
Its a really easy pattern to follow and Im loving it so far. :)

Knit using Sirdar Calico its a cotton acrylic mix and its really nice feeling. Added the ribbed bottom instead of the shell boarder in tthe pattern, theres nothing wrong with it I just prefer things a bit more "solid" looking. Knitting up nice and quickish. The only other change Im going to make is that I will be knitting it longer.
Have a great weekend everyone and happy crafting/relaxing!

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Remember that top I made?

Remember back to the begining of summer when went on a bit of a sewing binge? but never actually completed anything? Yeah you nearly forgot too huh? :) Well I did actually finish the shorts and the top I was working on. No you may not see the shorts they look horrible! I need to rip them to bits and resew them without the pleats but that will have to go on waiting for a very long time Im still mad at them!
The top I finished that ages ago and was waiting and waiting to sew on some buttons to the back finally I seen it sitting in my drawer and decided to stop being lazy get my buttons and quickly sew them on so I could wear it. Well here you are! :)
My top finally finished! And Im wearing it. Its a burda pattern from one of their magazines I cant remember its been that many weeks (months?) ago. I like it! In fact if summer werent nearly over then I would probably make another couple of these to add to my summer stash of clothes. but alas Im sat here in this top with a cardi on as wel so its not really the weather for the top but I do like it! :)
Now to make a top thats got sewn in arms that actually look/fit properly! With the colder weather I need some sleeved tops and I need to make them work! for some reason mine never fit and thats the main reason I dont sew many tops/dresses that have sleeves... in fact all but one Ive made Ive thrown out Ive been so annoyed. Of course you dont see those because Im to embarassed to show!
Right Im nearly finished with my sock just got the toe to go so Im off to go knit! :)