Tuesday, February 26, 2008

MS3 Finished Pictures

I think my MS3 has been the most photographed project Ive ever done. Here are some pictures after blocking.
Theres the right side showing
Theres the wrong side showing.
I dont do grafting. I did a three needle bind off to show it I took a picture of the right side here
and heres the wrong side. to me I think it looks alright. The only problem I have is the fact that my dyelots even though they said they were the same were actually VERY DIFFERENT!
Now Im just showing off how pretty it could have been
Do you see the difference how one side is lighter and one side is MUCH darker? Im eventually going to dye it. I just dont know how to? Its Merino, will it take dye even though its already been dyed by Malabrigos company?? Whats the best dye to use? I just want to do it black and I can easily get ahold of some Dylon in town. Would that work? Im so miffed about the colour lots becuase I think its beautiful but I wont wear it out because of how mismatched it is! *sniff*
But isnt she pretty??

Monday, February 25, 2008

I have finished it finally.

I have finished knitting my MS3!! I still need to wash and block it and I am REALLY REALLY REALLY hoping that when I wash it ALOT of dye comes out of one side.. here I will show you WHY!
Thats supposed to be two ball of Malabrigo Lace Weight in the same colour and same dye lot. Does it look like thats the same dyelot to you? I could do iwth it stripping slightly different but one side being dark and the other pale? Umm I got issues! Like I said to Mark if it doesnt come out Im going to have to dye it. Ive never dyed anything before will it work? He laughed when he seen it and said I couldnt wear it and have knitted it for nothing now because how bad it honestly does look being completely different! Once its blocked properly Ill show it all off. :)
Marks neice had a little girl so heres the blanket with the ribbon in it, and I think it looks SOOOOO cute now! :)
She loved it and told her little wee one that shes stuck carrying it around with her all the time now. That made me happy! :) And I had a bit of wool left over so I quickly knit this wee tshirt
those are wittle teddy bear heads up on the shoulder. The long sleeved shirt under it came from *coughpricoughmark* The daddy seen those and said "its going to take her ages to fit that! Its so big!" Umm thats because shes a newborn and these are for up to 3 months but before you know it shes going to be huge! I would have knit a bigger size but I didnt have enough wool so I had to go small. I dont like giving new moms 0-3 month clothes becuase I always think they get enough of that I like giving 3-6 or 6-9 because then they have one less thing to go out and buy when the baby gets to big. But I still think its sweet looking. Even Mark liked it. :)
Alright off to wash my ms3 so I can pin her out and get depressed over the colour mismatch!

Monday, February 11, 2008

1 sock and half of a half of a stole

As I said I finished my first Pomatomus (Hippo) sock, here it is! :)
And here is a picture from above
Can I just say I think this looks absolutely beautiful done in plain creamy white wool! :)
Im knitting these on 2.75mm dpns with Knitpicks Bare gifted to me during SP9 from Amy. :)
I have casted on for the second one but the cuff isnt even finished yet I really have lost me knitting mojo for some reason.. UGH!
BUT I have SOME of my knitting mojo still in me because look!
Thats my MS3!! Yes I am still knitting on it! No I havent forgotten about it! :) Im nearly finished with clue 3 (chart D) But again this is slow going as well becuase its only being picked up now and again and knit on when I feel like it, for instance last night I only knit 2 rows, still its growing! I might actually be able to show it off properly one of these days! :)

Friday, February 08, 2008

I still knit?

I have been knitting, just not alot. I got one of the socks finished and have about 5 rows on the second one finished so not very much. I knit a wee giraffe but it looks a bit funky because its solid blue! I will have photos of both soon Ive just not done much of anything lately.
I have however knit on my MS3! Yes Ive picked that back up and have made some progress. Its all slow going mind you because I seem to have just lost all my knitting mojo that I normally seem to have loads of. All the knitting rush for christmas has now left me blah.. Its not the knittings fault its just I seem to go through these phases anyways.
I read Friday Night Knitting Club I so enjoyed that book. Ive got more books out the back I want to read but I havent picked another one out yet instead I been watching telly.
And speaking of watching telly Im going to flick around some blogs and go back to watching it afterwards.