Monday, February 05, 2007

Me Corazon, Me Amour

I finished the gloves on Saturday!! But I didnt have time to post them and then I tried Sunday morning but flickr was being worked on, but its not now!! :)
Heres the tips of the mittens...
Picture 030
I did a three needle bind off instead of the kitchner stitching they suggest in the pattern... I HATE Kitchenering! Yes its a seamless looking join and you cant tell where you finish and were you start, but with mine, YOU CAN! So why not make it look pretty with the bind off! :) and it closed up just perfectly!
Now for the rest of the pictures and specs! :)
Pattern: Corazon from knitty
Yarn: Knitpicks Merino in Hollyberry and Vanilla gifted to me by my secret pal. Each glove weighs 40grams. But I am not sure how much of each I have left over. 2 hollyberry and 1 vanilla was plenty!
Changes: My hand measures 7in, the small size from the pattern but I went up to 7.5in so that I have room to flop my hands about on the inside as I think thats why I used to hate wearing mittens. Also as I explained above, the three needle bindoff. I also decreased EVERY row on the tips of the mittens instead of every other row, they would have just been to long otherwise. Thumb was done the same.
Now for the pictures as I know thats what everyone wants to see! :)
Picture 025
Fronts arent they so cute!!
Picture 026
The backs.. a couple mistakes from pulling the yarn to tight but I still think they rock! :)
Picture 027
Mitten on my hand.. :) So warm and fuzzy!
Picture 028
The sexiness on my hand! :) Oh yeah I know yall want a pair!! :) They have come in handy as well becuase its turned a bit chilly so I finished them JUST in time! WOO HOO!! Now I think I should try and finish those toothpick socks.. hmm Ill think about that for another time.. Maybe Ill read. hehe


Elle said...

I came by via the UK handknitters list. I have to say that considering the relatively short time you've been knitting you are very creative. The mittens are most excellent :)

Amy said...

They are georgious (and I can't spell)! I'm glad that was enough yarn. I know what you mean about the weather, it's sub-zero degrees out here and I don't remember it being that low! Have fun with the mittens!

andi said...

Awesome!! They look so warm too! Nice job! WOO HOO! p.S. I have igloos for sale here.. really cheap.. would go nicely with those mittens :)

Starfish said...

They look great. I've got to try some colorwork, very impressive.