Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Cant wait!

I havent done anything knit wise but I am waiting for to release the new free patterns...
you can have a look at them there, that first one being released on the 9th I am thinking I really want to make it!! :) By the look of it, its wide enough to wrap around my shoulders when Im sat about some place and a bit cold, or I can just toss it around my neck and run out the door and it will be a nice comfy scarf... I do love my branching out but really its a tad tiny to act as a proper winter scarf so I am thinking that one will do just right! :)
Come on Friday hurry up and get here!!
Thank you to everyone whos complimented me on my mittens! They are SOOO lovely and warm! Today I actualy had to take them off for a few minutes my hands just got a bit to warm. hehe. :)

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andi said...

You're so funny ;)