Monday, March 29, 2010

Running Mad

I finished the baby blanket for SIL but I still havent washed and dried it.. OOPS! I really need to do that so we can send it off! Then I started a pair of socks. Because who wants to knit a winter cardi that she cant wear just yet? Okay more its to big to pull out and I just wanted something small and easy. But of course I start knitting the socks and refuse to admit what I know 70sts is to big for me. I need something smaller. Then add that its a lace pattern its going to be far to big. UGH! so after 17 (think thats what it was) rows I finally admitted I just needed to rip it out and start over! 17 rows normally wouldnt be that bad of a thing, but that took me all day to get done in between stopping the dog eating the ball of wool and playing with him. See why I said I wanted something small and easy? :) And nope Im not complaining I love me some puppy! So Ive started over but I only have the cuff done which is 3 rows! HAHA
I watched New Moon and it then made me pull out Eclipse and start to read it. I NEED to know whats going to happen. Im still upset that Breaking Dawn isnt out on paperback yet. I dont really like hard back books as the dont "match" with my other books which are all paperback. Anyways I keep picking the book up every free second to read a page or two and since OH was home this weekend I got a couple of chapters read while he entertained puppy boy instead! woo hoo!
So last week we didnt go running, Tyson had a very dodgy tummy and took a couple days to get right so I decided best just give him a break and of course that was the perfect excuse to give me a break as well! HAHA So back on it this morning we were out there running along happily thinking I was tracking our run and pace! Im not really sure what happened but it wasnt saved! I paused and ended the workout like normal and then went to check it out and it wasnt saved!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO We took the same route as we did the last time we ran on Friday before and that was 3.37 miles so as it was the same we did that again. Only problem is we did run faster, as we spent more time running this time then taking our walking breaks! So I havent a clue our best mile. THAT STINKS!!
Anyways Ill leave you with a funny photo of my sweet puppy! :) This was taken yesterday while we were all at the park, he was concentrating very hard on the choccie drop that was being offered if he sat still. There are others where he was trying to jump and get it but this one just made me laugh. His big slobber jaws get stuck behind his teeth so they show and we just laugh. Didnt even know I got this shot until we got home and were looking at them.

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