Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Crochet Pink Thang is DONE and GOOD!

I finished my crochet top.. My very first crochet top at that! Ive crocheted blankets before but never something to be worn. WOO HOO! I like the way it turned out too! I may have had trouble with the top section taking four days to figure out something that then only took two to complete (would have been one day but I didnt have enough time to sit and do it all!)
Going to have to get a black tank and a black long sleeved top to go under it for summer/winter I just dont think a black top with short sleeves goes very well. Im really happy with how this turned out and I will have a go at other crochet patterns now and not be scared of them. Becauses well, I CAN DO IT! Sorry Im really impressed with myself.
Forest Flower Pullover by Kirstin Omdahl its the cover design of Interweave Crochet Spring 2009
It was Bernat Satin in pink that my mother sent me back in the winter that I used. 4mm and 4.5mm crochet hook. 4mm for the body and joining yolk to the body and a 4.5mm for the motifs.
Once I understood what I was doing I found it straight forward and easy to do. But sometimes I need to walk away and come back to understand.
Started April 24th and finished May 20th.

I also got a load of yarn from was delivered to me the very next day 2 balls of sock yarn and enough for 3 projects. Ive already casted on and have started one! :) I will write up about all of that in another post but for now I just had to show off my newly crochet top!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

you expected it to be finished didnt you?

Ive still been busily crocheting away on my top but theres not really a difference then what you see in the picture from the post below. A bit like knitting where the front and back are the same so you dont bother photographing it. I still havent gone back to finish sewing my top. I really need to but over cast slightly cold days dont really inspire me to finish sewing a sleeveless hopefully light floaty top!
Once I finish a couple more rows. Actually I think I have 2 left?!? I will then get to start the yolk of the sweater this is where things will turn umm fun? Because it goes to following a chart. HELP!! What have I gotten into?!? I havent ever crocheted something more then a square or rectangle but now Im supposed to not only shape something but follow a chart while doiing it... ERR I forsee ALOT of yelling at myself in the near future. Oh well it will be worth it because it is a pretty top Im trying to make. :)
Okay I should go and brush my hair (its still wrapped in the towel) and then got some cleaning to do (I hate cleaning the bathroom...) and then I got to make myself some lunch and only after all of that do I get to crochet... So I better get cracking! No wonder this seems to be taking ages ! hehe...
Have a great day!