Thursday, July 12, 2007

2 for the price of 1

We have a two in one here folks so sit back and enjoy for your veiwing pleasure a load of pictures! :)
First up we have my finished pair of little monkeys! Oh how fun they were, and you know they didnt once try to jump out of my bag, yes they tried to jump off the needle but I grabbed them by their tales and put them nicely back on! :)
This was my first time using Regia sock yarn, and you know what, I actually enjoyed it! :) I loved looking at all the pretty colours as they were coming out. I now want to go buy more so I can make MORE socks and even make Mark a pair (or two! not of monkeys though!)
They took me about a week a sock but I did have a bit of a break in between the socks because I was doing some stuff for Mark. But alot of these were knitted while waiting in lines and taking busses to go get my groceries... I now realise why people love knitting socks they really are EASY to drag around with you and they behave themselves normally as well. :)
I loved the twisted rib on the cuff, but I want my next pair (because you know I need more!) to be the picot edged monkeys, I just think those are cute and girly! :) I have some sock yarn that Amy gifted me over SP9 that I would like to use.... Soon!
This was also the first time for AGES that I actually FINISHED two socks from the top down, all of my socks have been toe up so far because I get to the heel flap and then the instep and just stop knitting, but not these, I ENJOYED that! But I did use just one circular needle. I think I will try to do two socks at once next, mind you I didnt mind doing one at a time this time either...
I have no holes around my picked up stitches either, but I wouldnt be able to give these to a pro because I did have to pick up a couple extra stitches in order to make sure there were no holes nad they would be able to spot it, thank goodness I aint to fussed and think they look good just the way they are huh? :)
Me and grafting do NOT get along in fact every time grafting and I come into the same room together you hear the start of WW3.... so not good! Instead I thought Ill show you grafting! And completely ignored it and did a 3 needle bind off instead. Okay yes I do have a bit of an edge tickling my toes but you know what these socks are so lovely and comfy I dont even notice that!
So theres my MONKEY socks. Knit on one 2.5mm circular needle one at a time. Used Regia 5440 and I really loved the colours in that one... :) I promise they dont look so orange-red it is pretty....
Now on two the second thing! :D
I FINALLY GOT MY PARCEL TURN UP FROM GET KNITTED! WOO HOO! They ran out of the colour that I had orginally ordered and I didnt see their email until the next day or I probably would have gotten my stuff on Tuesday.. :( I knew I should have checked my email more often on Monday.. hehe....
I ended up getting Malagrigo in colour Black Forest 179, instead of the Pearl Ten 69 colour way. But you know what I dont mind, I thought both of them were pretty and had a hard time picking between the two so I am happy either way with getting the Black Forest. I also got the newest KnitScene that is out, theres the intarsia top in there that I would really like to make. :) Anyways you just want to see the pictures dont you? :)
There it is without the flash, and can I just say OMG this yarn is BEAUTIFULLY SOFT!!!
Here it is in the sunlight and I think the flash went off as well? You know I cant remember I took these last night before Mark got home from work.
And Chart A of the MS3 knitalong.. I FINALLY GET TO START! WOO HOO Im not putting beads on mine, I think if I love it and do it again I will do beads the next time... we will see though if I do it again I still have alot more to knit. :)
Malabrigo Black Forest 179, lace weight, 100% baby merino wool, aprox 470 yards to 50 grams. I didnt read ALL of the notices in the group when I joined and bought my wool and it was orginally stated that you would need around 1200 yards so I got 3 skeins of this beautiful stuff then it went down to just over 700yards, Im going to have a fair bit left over of this stuff, and you want to know a secret, I DONT MIND! :D Right now I am off to knit some more of this bad boy... WOO HOO!


Knitman said...

WOW! Love the colour and the pattern. well done Jenn.

Amy said...

What yarn would that be? I don't remember. But it all looks lovely Jenn!!!!

andi said...

Nice "monkeys" you have there! LOVE that fiber!

Jenny said...

Wow, your monkey socks are great. I love them. It makes me want to jump on the monkey bandwagon myself.

Amy said...

You know, it's that knit picks bare stuff isn't it? have you dyed it? Thanks for the comments - it is easy and I really really want to make a pair of monkeys for myself in some socks that rock yarn.

KnitYoga said...

Love the monkey socks, Jenn, and am looking forward to seeing your MS3 as it progresses. The colourway you've chosen is gorgeous!